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Hi there mates,
Casino Bonus Blogger here once again.
Lately, I’ve been playing at online casinos that have live roulette with my friend. It seems like he constantly is up and I constantly am down, he is always pointing it out to me, what an imbecile. Still, we have had a heap of excellent fun, up or down.

Firstly, right now I will review live online roulette. I’ll review it,also, what many of the good and bad are. I’ve been playing these more and more and they are getting popular amongst pro gamers and video bloggers, let’s not hesitate, I’ll get on with it.

What is live online roulette anyhow? Many, online casinos have noticed that the impersonal computer they are using just doesn’t have the same impact. The live employee completed a more close and action packed game play which will not be handled by a computer program. Therefore, creatively enough, they are combining video streaming and casino software to provide the player online casino play with actual employees which really hand out the cards or spin the wheel etc. It really feels like you have a paid croupier at your disposal, we like to pretend ,anyways, and it makes me feel fancy.

What are the bonuses to live online roulette? Some people think that the RNG for a casino may not be very randomly generated. This is somewhat true, but it is random enough. Others make the complaint that the RNG is too random and so players do not have those exciting streaks that one will normally. I think that this can make the games feel much more true to a live casino and the swings appear more realistic. One won’t be jipped quite as easily if someone has a person spinning a real roulette wheel where you can see them. I know it might not actually be the RNG, but that gaming vs an automatic croupier just gets you to believe you have been jipped in a way. The social dynamic of it is seemingly nice also, it’s a ton of joy having people at a game. that also incorporates the general dynamic of degenerates freaking out while the wheel is spinning.

What are the bad things? Logically, there might be slow croupiers and fast croupiers. I’ve rarely if ever seen a real person which can spin a roulette wheel as efficiently as a program. Also, there are minimum wagering requirements and sometimes lots of other players seated at your game. So, if you need to just space out and play, a program might be better. Real croupiers make mistakes, there’s none more gross for example of having been ca-noodled out of a hand because a ’real person’ pushes your chips to another person, though the casinos in those cases appear to be very adept at handling it and duh there is footage of the play which helps. It might either be a good thing or a bad thing, still several of the croupiers can be distracting. Casinos appear to get women that have large boobs that have shirts that hardly hold them. Ignoring that issue, I think live online casinos are a bunch of fun and much nicer compared to the previous web casino layout.

Thank you again for reading my ramblings. We went over the basics of what a live online casino is and the pros and cons. Either way, should be worth having an attempt if you have not already. It’s always nice to appreciate new ways others have been reinventing casino play.


Casino Bonus Abuse

Hello everybody and thanks for checking out Casino Bonus Blogger again. I’ve been doing some “bonus whoring” with my brother and I figured and I’ve had a ton of fun. We ended up going from 0 to about $1500 in 2 weeks. Pretty sweet if you ask me. It was a lot of fun and I never realized you could make so much so quickly doing this. I figured I would write a guide for everyone to share the wealth.

First we started by searching for casino bonuses. We ended up settling on this casino bonus list. We especially like this one because it came with reviews for the casino sites and news for the most updated information. There are a few things I think I should note here about what kind of bonuses and review types are acceptable and which ones are impossible. It was a learning experience and this is what we came up with.

  • Play on sites with higher reputation. You don’t want to waste your time on a junky site that may just end up putting on tilt for future play.
  • Hit up the no deposit bonuses first, they are very useful in building a stack to start trying out some of the higher bonuses. Matched bonuses are matched by your deposit amount and are usually a ton higher than the no deposit bonuses, more lucrative that is.
  • Get a virtual international credit card so you can deposit and do matched bonuses as well as no deposit bonuses. For this we used Entropay, the fee is quite high, but I couldn’t find another site that was useful or has a lower deposit amount. The verification isn’t too bad if you have a webcam you can just take a picture of the card and it automatically verifies.
  • Try to play bonuses that have a lower clear rate if possible. We started with the best and ended with the worst. The best bonuses were usually around 20x the bonus amount to clear. The worst we tried was about an 80x clear. Note: The 80x clear potential is much less and may not have even been worth at that point.
  • Verify your casino account. Do this as soon as possible. The reason why is because most of them require you to do this to withdraw anyway. Most of the reviews noted that the verification process was the longest out of everything. If a casino is actually trying to delay payout by holding up the verification process this should give them no reason since you are already verified.
  • If you are trying to play with multiple people in your household, use a different computer and proxy/different wireless connection if at all possible. Some of our earlier bonus clears got denied because we were on the same internet connection or from the same computer.
  • Play conservatively. The maximum amount that you can cash normally is about the amount of the bonus or only a little more. Therefore, there is no reason to go crazy and try to make thousands of dollars or win a massive jackpot. Try to just win the maximum amount that you can win from the bonus.

These are the steps we took and it ended up working out extremely well for us. If anyone has additional steps or ideas that would make this more profitable, please feel free to comment. Glad to have a chance to share my good luck, thanks for reading and good luck.

Casino Bonus Blogger

Bonus Girl

Welcome to Casino Bonus Blogger! You’ve guessed it, this blog is dedicated to the latest and greatest in casino bonuses. I am an online casino freak and I hope that you are too if you have landed here. Casino bonuses add so much value to the online experience. You can play for much cheaper than live and you get the opportunity to really try a casino out which you don’t get the chance to very often in your normal life. Can you image riding the new bike around with a friend on a trail by the ocean? I mean I guess that’s not normal unless you are riding it to the annoyance of all of the employees at Walmart. That’s what these bonuses can offer. It really gets me excited for holidays and special events. Whenever a special event or holiday starts to get near all of the big online casinos start releasing special bonuses that make me feel like a kid again. Looking forward to all of these bonuses gets me pumped year round and guess what! I’ll be sharing them all here. So whenever you feel like life is getting a little boring, your ham sandwich you eat every day is getting old, check me out and we will spice it up! That being said, there is a lot of bogus advertising for bonuses, which REALLY annoys me. I’m not sure why but people do not take down posts from casino bonuses that have been expired for 10 years +. Many of these sites list bonuses that never existed just to get you to go to their site. Talk about a used car salesman bait and switch. If you go to one of these sites and the bonuses are not working, please do not trust anything they say. Nothing irks me more. There are many different ways to go about collecting casino bonuses as well. I’ll be going over the methods here and making some short posts coming up about what to expect and what kinds are really juicy. There are the ones that have massive amounts of bonus but they would take a lifetime to clear! Others might have $50-$100 and be clearable within a few hours. I’ll try to point you in the right direction here. Also, I make sure that I can withdraw from any kind of casino and thoroughly check out any sites before making a recommendation. Before you post or say anything here, please read the rules.


Please do not spam your own sites and do us the same courtesy. Make sure that you are not posting to some junky website that will rob us blind. However, it’s definitely welcome and I look forward to having a great community. Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you have a great week!